Cromolyn Cream Recipe

You can make this cream yourself using any form of cromolyn (Gastrocrom, Nasalcrom, Intal or cromolyn eyedrops). The recipe for it was developed by a nurse and pharmacist who are both mastocytosis sufferers. Nasalcrom is available over the counter, and is the cheapest.

  • 2 tsp glycerine
  • 1/2 cup of Vanicream (ordered from the pharmacist) or other thick lotion (such as Eucerin)
  • 1 whole  0.44 oz bottle of Nasalcrom (or, if using Gastrocrom, use one tube)

Thoroughly mix together all the ingredients. Apply daily to the desired area. Be sure to start by dotting it onto a small area of skin away from the face (inner forearm, for example) daily for three days before putting it onto a large area.